Here at Loading Systems, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and approach the challenges these have brought to our customers and our industry through our ethos of We take care.

We provide our customers with flexible, energy efficient and sustainable solutions which have resulted in up to 96% reduction in energy loss from industrial buildings through the loading bays. Our products can also help you achieve the highest BREEAM standards for your building.

We avoid environmentally hazardous substances in our production processes and minimise waste through the design stage. Through product design changes we have even reduced our logistical movements by up to 50%, dramatically reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Our products are designed and manufactured to resist everyday wear and tear, extending the life of the equipment. Our Change Parts in Time (CPIT) programme also avoids the need to replace your products prematurely by ensuring that the equipment is kept in excellent working order throughout its life.

The Loading Systems Group embraces the concept of ‘life style’ thinking in the development and application of our sustainability strategy.



"Thinking in terms of product life cycle is essential in the path to sustainability, we must expand the focus from the production phase to the whole product or system life cycle..."

Harald van Wijk, Rohaka Group



When the product reaches the end of its life we also adopt a recycling service through the British Metals Recycling Association.

We take care.



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