Dock Shelters

Loading Systems dock shelters are manufactured to provide an optimum seal between the building and vehicles, and have in built stability and durability. Dock shelters provide an optimum seal between the internal and external environments and assist with the reduction of energy consumption.

As well as protecting your goods from the elements and external contaminants, dock shelters can also contribute to an improved workplace atmosphere, reducing illness and employee absence. 

Loading Systems provide a complete range of dock shelters to suit different types of vehicle. 


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Cushion Dock Shelter

Description: A cushioned dock-seal is used for sealing the area around the door and the docked vehicle. The cushions consist of a core of high-quality resilient polyurethane foam and a polyester textile prepared cover, with a PVC finished  coating on both sides. On the cover of the side cushions overlapping small plates can be installed over the full height. These small plates follow the upwards and downwards movements of the vehicle during loading and unloading, and increase resistance to tearing. 

The choice of materials ensures that the seals are extremely resistant to UV radiation. The material has a high tear resistance, tensile strength and excellent temperature durability. 

Application: A Loading Systems cushioned dock shelter is especially suitable for cold storage warehouses and warehouses where general cargo is stored. 

Collapsible Curtain Dock Shelter

Description: A Loading Systems collapsible dock shelter uses a sturdy curtain made from durable material for the closing of the area between the opening of the warehouse and the docked vehicle. They provide an optimal sealing of the vehicle during docking and, simultaneously, ensure maximum flexibility. All curtains are finished with a wear-resistant, hard antistatic PVC top coating. The side curtains are provided with approach markings which serve as visual guides for the drivers to guide the correct manoeuvring of the vehicle into the shelter. These shelters are available with a manual or electric roller blind. 

Applications: A Loading Systems collapsible dock shelter is mainly used in situations where optimal sealing is required and in which large differences in vehicle size apply. It is also well-suited to serve as a drive through shelter. 

Inflatable Dock Shelters

Description: A Loading Systems inflatable dock shelter makes use of two robust durable inflatable cushions to create the seal between the dock and the vehicle. There are two versions - a built-in model and a front projection model. The cushions are made of polyester trevira fabric with a dull PVC coating on both sides. On both sides a wear-resistant  durable, antistatic PVC coating is applied.  Both versions are finished with an anodised aluminium frame. The dock shelter is resistant to all weather conditions and supplied with galvanized protection consoles.

Application: The inflatable dock shelter is the most efficient and durable method for sealing   a loading bay  The design of the inflatable cushion provides the best method of achieving  an optimal seal.  This is why the dock shelter is specifically used in situations where there are large differences between the internal and external temperature for, instance in air-conditioned or refrigerated storage areas. 




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