Dock Safety

Wheel Lock Vehicle Restraint


The Loading System Wheel Lock Vehicle Restraint locks most vehicles or trailers onto the loading bay to create an ultimately safe situation. It is easily operated and virtually free from failure. The design also incorporates an integrated vehicle guide which ensures the vehicle is also positioned in the centre of the loading bay. The Wheel Lock Vehicle Restraint  has few moving parts with the number of mechanical drives being restricted to the essential components. This results in minimal maintenance requirements.

Application: The Wheel Lock Vehicle Restraint is designed to keep a parked vehicle locked safely in place and prevent premature vehicle “drive off” which reduces the risk of accidents or fatalities on and around the loading bay. . The Wheel Lock Vehicle Restraint also prevents vehicle ‘creeping’ caused by momentum incurred in the loading and unloading process. The inbuilt trailer wheel guide ensures that the vehicle is always in the correct positions and prevents damage to the shelter or loading bay.


Dock Management System


Loading Systems Dock Management System, jointly developed by Loading Systems and Traka, is a unique, easily installed and affordable solution to prevent vehicles driving away from the loading bay before the dock doors have been safely closed. It can easily be retro-fitted to existing control systems as well as being specified on new installations. Loading Systems Dock Management System is recognised by ROSPA as been an effective accident prevention solution that improves safety in the warehouse environment.

Application: The Dock Management System has been designed for installation in warehouses and distribution centres where greater safety, control and flexibility is required. It also ensures that vehicles are directed to the right loading bay. It improves safety, minimises human error, and increases energy-saving potential. It can also be used to provide management information.