Dock Monitoring

With the Loading Systems Advanced Control Centre you can efficiently and pro-actively coordinate, monitor, control and manage vehicle traffic around your loading bays, hangers or warehouses. Advanced Control Centre can also be used for monitoring dock-equipment usage to enable conditional maintenance rather than periodic maintenance which protects your assets and reduces maintenance costs through the lifetime of the loading bay.

The Advanced Control Centre is designed for you – an easily accessible web based solution, minimum hardware investment, accessible by multiple users from multiple PCs and with automatic software updates.



Dock Management Module

LIVE information on the status of all your loading and uploading dock stations

  • Full control and summary of all vehicles 
  • Improved efficiency and occupancy rate
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Reduced waiting times 
  • Overview of vehicle and dock performance 

Facility Management Module

REAL TIME status overview of all your loading and unloading bays 

  • Improved building security
  • LIVE summary status of loading bays 
  • Less energy loss and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Less absence due to improved working conditions
  • Can link to your WMS system 

Service Module

Your equipment is monitored 24/7 and problems detected before you know they exist

  • Maximum uptime for your equipment
  • Errors codes sent automatically, 
  • Most problems solved remotely
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Minimal operational costs 

Statistics and Reporting Module

Optimise the transport and flow of goods

  • Summary of operational costs
  • Substantiated analysis to optimise processes