Dock Levellers

Loading Systems dock levellers offer you the possibility to bridge the difference in height and distance between the warehouse floor and vehicle in the most efficient way.


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Dock Leveller with Swing Lip

The Loading System swing-lip dock-leveller is an electro-hydraulic dock leveller with a hinged swing lip. Both the platform and lip are hydraulically driven. The lip angle can be adjusted to suit your specific application. It is operated by means of a single button which raises or lowers the platform from its rest position. The lip automatically extends when the platform reaches the highest position. 

Application: This loading bay solution is appropriate for most warehousing sites where standard size vehicles operate. 

Dock Leveller with Telescopic Lip

The Loading Systems telescopic dock-leveller is an electro-hydraulic dock leveller with a telescopic lip which is used to bridge larger gaps. The dock-leveller can be supplied with either a 500mm  or 1000mm lip and the platform and lip are hydraulically driven. Dimensions and working ranges can be adjusted to the permissible tolerances. Operation is simple as buttons are clearly marked with the required actions. 

Application: This loading bay solution is used where bigger reach and range are required as in EuroDock trailer bays, for double-decked trailers. 

Combi-Dock Leveller for Multiple Vehicle Types

This is a single dock leveller solution which accommodates both articulated vehicles and delivery vans. The combi-dock leveller can be used as a "standard" dock leveller with telescopic lip for articulated vehicles but when it is being used for loading or unloading vans, only the centre section of the lip or board slides out. The combi-dock leveller has built in load capacity sensors which prevent overloading delivery vans.

Manual Dock Leveller

A manual mini dock leveller with a swing lip that can be built in or situated of the edge of the dock. 

Application: This dock leveller is mainly used in situations which do not facilitate a traditional type of dock leveller, typically on sites where existing bays are being converted and extensive building work is not possible. 

Stepped Dock Leveller

The Loading Systems stepped dock leveller enables trucks to reverse onto the loading bay without first having to open the trailer doors. This loading bay configuration provides the optimal sealing between the building and the trailer by facilitating the trailer doors to be opened into the warehouse.

The stepped dock leveller is particularly well suited to cold storage environments in combination with refrigerator vehicles or fresh food processing environments where food contamination is a concern.

The stepped dock leveller reduces the risk of contamination by enabling the trailer doors to be opened after the truck has docked onto the loading bay, which also minimises the impact of sudden temperature change around the loading bay.

Safety of the warehouse operator is also improved by extending the telescopic lip of the leveller to act as a bridge to the trailer doors. Additional safety can also be provided with the inclusion of handrails around the dock leveller.