Dock Ancillaries


Dock Ancillaries
Dock Ancillaries
Dock Ancillaries


Traffic Lights

Loading Systems LED traffic lights provide optimal signalling and come in three different models. They are energy saving, high impact resistant and supplied in a waterproof housing. They have a very long life with little wear and tear. The lights can be easily connected to the control box of the dock leveller, inflatable dock shelter or industrial door. 

Application: The traffic lights increase safety around the loading bay as they signal to drivers and personnel when loading or unloading has been completed. 

Dock Bumpers

Loading Systems dock bumpers come in a variety of different sizes and models for different applications – rubber bumpers, high speed impact nylon bumpers, sliding dock bumpers and mobile dock bumpers that move with the motion of the vehicle. 

Application: Dock Bumpers provide good protection of building and vehicle and minimise wear and tear where installed. 

Trailer Wheel Guides

The Loading System trailer wheel guide allows trucks and trailers to reverse centrally onto the loading bay and prevent damage to the dock shelter and building.

Application: Trailer wheel guides minimise the risk of damage to the loading bay shelter and the loading bay itself and ensures optimum efficiency in yard space utilisation. 

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks can be used for any type of vehicle and can be supplied in a variety of models which are easy to install. They can be integrated with dock equipment, industrial doors and/or traffic lights. 

Application: By placing a wheel chock in front of a truck wheel, the safety during loading and unloading is increased. A wheel chock is an economically attractive solution. 

Dock Lights

Loading Systems LED dock lights are an energy saving solution that fit within the loading bay and provide illumination of the bay and truck interior.

Application: The LED dock lights are interlocked to the control panel so that the lighting will come on when the loading bay is in use, ensuring safe operation within the bay and minimising energy usage.